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Have the girls count off 1 – 6. This will divide your group into six smaller ones. Give each group their "cue word" and let them practice their sound and motion, so they know what to do when their "cue word" is read.

Word Sound Motion
Girls - giggle hands in front of mouth
Granny - oh, my! both hand slap knees
Brownies - Be Prepared! stand and make the Girl Scout Sign
House - come in! motion with right hand to come in
Owl - whoo-whoo bend arms and flap hands
Forest - moannnn sway with arms up and fingers moving

Once upon a time, there were two little girls who lived in England with their granny and their father. The girls played all day while the granny and father had to work very hard. One day granny told the girls about the Brownies, who used to do lots of things to help around the house. They are gone now, she said, but we were always so much happier when they helped. The girls wanted to know where the Brownies had gone and how to get them to come back. Granny said, "only the wise old owl knows!"

That night, when everyone else was asleep, one of the girls ran out of the house into the magic forest. There she found the wise old owl. "Please", said the girl, "where can I find the Brownies to come and live with us? The owl said, "I know where two live – right in your house!" She was very surprised! Tell me how to find them, she begged. He told her to go to the pond in the magic forest, turn around three times and say, "twist me and turn me and show me the elf… I looked in the water and saw…….!" The wise old owl said, "When you finish the rhyme, you will see the Brownie in the magic pond."

The girl went to the pond in the magic forest and did as she had been told. She went back to the forest and found the wise old owl and said, " something must be wrong, I did all you told me to do and I only saw myself! And I am not a Brownie!" " Are you sure?" said the owl. To be a Brownie, you must be ready to help those around you, make friends wherever you can, and every day try to discover something new. "I'd like to be a Brownie", said the girl. Then go home and try, the wise old owl said kindly. He touched her hand with his feathers, and suddenly she was back in her house, in her own bed.

Quietly, she woke up her sister, told her all that had happened. Together the girls tip-toed into the kitchen and began to clean the house. In the morning, when granny and father saw the house, they wanted to know what had happened. "Who did this?" said granny and father! The girls danced around and shouted, "it's the Brownies!" And from that day on, theirs was a very happy house near the forest, all because of the Brownies!

Brownie Story Play

            Scene I (at home)
            Grandma: (speaking to children)
            Oh, me, Oh, my. I've worked so hard
            To clean this house all day
            I think that you should help a bit,
            But all you do is play.

            I've chopped the wood and swept the walk
            The cows and pigs are fed,
            My poor old back is aching and
            My legs feel like they're dead!

            Some folks I know had all the luck
            A brownie used to come
            And wash the dishes, sweep the floor
            And pick up every crumb.

            I wish we had a brownie so
            That we could rest a bit.
            Where could we find one?
            OH--the wise old owl--that's it!
            Scene II (the wood)
            Oh! Here's the tree in which the owl
            Has built his little nest
            I hope that he'll be wise and not
            Say no to my request.

            Oh, Mr. Owl, please help me
            For you're so very wise
            I want to find some brownies
            To take home as a surprise.
            I play all day and do not help at home a
            little bit.

            I haven't any time to spare from play, I     
            must admit.

            To-whit, to-whoo, there was no reason
            That you should have to roam.
            For there are brownies living with
            Your Grandma in your home.

            How can that be?
            Why they have never shown themselves at all!
            Please tell me - are they fat or thin,
            And are they short or tall?
            Please tell me how to find them
            I will do just what you say
            If I could help my Grandma
            I would thank you every day.

            Go to the lake-the moon is bright
            And turn three times around
            Then gaze into the pool and there
            A brownie will be found.

            But first you say some magic words
            Before you start to look
            And there they are - you'll find them
            Written in that open book.

            Twist me and turn me,
            And show me the elf-­
            I looked in the mirror and saw           _."

            To-whit, to-whoo, I'm really such
            A very wise old bird
            Do what I've told you, then you'll find
            The missing magic word!

            Scene III (another part of the wood)
            Well, here I am - I'll say the verse
            While looking in the pool
            And I shall see the brownie
            Gazing up through the waters cool.

           "Twist me and turn me and show me the elf,
            I looked in the water and saw.     MYSELF

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