All stand in a circle and pass  a bag of candy to their RIGHT or LEFT as it occurs in the story read by the Leader standing in the middle..
The Halloween WRIGHT Family

Halloween was almost there and Mother WRIGHT was just about finished decorating.

Father WRIGHT and Bill WRIGHT returned from their last minute pumpkin picking.

"There is not much LEFT  to be done," said Father WRIGHT as he came into the kitchen.

"Did you hang the skeletons in the trees where I told you to?" asked Mother WRIGHT.

"I LEFT them RIGHT where you told me to," said Father WRIGHT.

I am glad we got all the candy we needed -----I don't have any money LEFT," said Billy WRIGHT.

The hall phone rang and Susie WRIGHT ran to answer it.

She came running back into the kitchen exclaiming, "Aunt Tillie WRIGHT LEFT some candy for us on Gramma WRIGHT's back porch."

"I'll go RIGHT over there and get it," she said as she LEFT the house.

Father WRIGHT LEFT the kitchen and brought inthe pumpkins they bought.

By the time Susie WRIGHT returned, Mother WRIGHT, Father WRIGHT, and Billy WRIGHT had begun to carve the pumpkins.

The entire WRIGHT family sang new Halloween songs as they finished carving  the pumpkins.

Then they LEFT all the pumkins sitting in windows and went to bed, hoping they had chosen the RIGHT candy for the big day.

Now I hope you have the RIGHT present for yourself bacuase that's all that is LEFT of our story----ecxept to say Happy Halloween !!!!

Isn't that RIGHT ?????