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Advanced Level Site

Epilog Systems site hosting packs a lot of leading edge features into its Advanced Level Site for a fraction of the cost of traditional hosting services. We offer an advanced site framework that includes the most comprehensive set of function features available on the web today. In addition to its great content management, this framework supports virtually everything you can think of. You do not need to use all of these features and you can configure only the ones that you need. We will preconfigure this framework for you with your choice of graphics and color selections. We will also seed the number of pages that you want on the site. You can of course add more pages and features later as you expand your site. Here is a detailed view of this framework's features:

Rich Site Navigation elements - Vertical menu, Horizontal menu, Dropdown menu, Top & Bottom menus, Breadcrumbs, Sub menu, and Quick links.

Use Templates to separate content from design - Create your own templates. The framework includes a series of ready-made templates that you can modify and use for your site.

Add & manage Files/Documents for downloads - Files from secure members areas cannot be downloaded without user authorization. Provides file check in/out, and page versioning & rollback support.

Flexible User Management & Security - Add multiple, secure members’ areas to your website. Provide online registration for new users. Assign a user to any members’ areas (channels) with specific roles.

Create & manage calendar-based listings - Create News, Journals, Blogs, or any calendar-based postings. Create rich content postings with file downloads, photos, and online video/audio presentations (flv, mp3). Customize listing layout and style using templates. Team collaboration & workflow support (check in/out, versioning, rollback & approval). Embed latest postings on any page.

Create & manage general purpose listings - Create Articles, Knowledge-base, File list, Photo galleries, or any general listings. Easy-to-navigate paged listing with configurable ordering. Manage few or large number of listing entries with option to include/exclude entries from site menu. Create rich content entries with file downloads, photos, and online video/audio presentation (flv, mp3). Customize listing layout and style using templates. Team collaboration & workflow support (check in/out, versioning, rollback & approval). Embed selected listing entries on any page.

Create & manage multimedia playlists - Easily add a playlist of audio, video and image files. Embed your playlists in any page with a built-in media player. Share downloadable podcasts and video blogs.

Collaborate with a team - Content locking (check in/out). Quick "Save & Publish" or approval-based publishing (workflow) scenarios. Automated versioning and rollback support (facility to restore previous revision).

Complete navigation control - Show/hide pages from site navigation, specify display links and specify their ordering within the site navigation menu.

Scheduled publishing - Publish web content immediately or on a scheduled basis.

Polls - Create polls that can easily be added to any page.

Forums - Setup forums with ease and let users communicate with each other, discuss issues or share ideas.

Newsletters - Create email newsletters and send them to site users or subscribers. Email newsletters is an easy and cost-effective way to keep customers, propects and staffs informed and engaged and drive traffic to your site.

Form Builder - Create custom forms for general purpose data collection and email the results & submissions.

Powerful Editing Capabilities - The framework provides an easy-to-use, fast-loading WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Editor for quick updates to your content, and the more advanced WYSIWYG Editor for advanced editing of your content.

User-friendly URLs - Content stored in the database can be accessed through friendly URLs. Use custom or auto generated URLs.

For more in depth information on this framework click here.
The Cost: By using a reusable site framework we will need to customize the site layout, graphic design, and color scheme to meet your requirements. In addition we will need to setup the framework and configure it for your workflow and user requirements as well as configure a database server to support your site. Finally, we will optionally seed any number of pages you require with the graphics and text content supplied by you. The cost for all of these items is as follows:
1. Framework Licensing & Database Setup: $200
2. Framework Layout, Graphic, and Color Setup: $40/hour (typically 4-5 hours)
3. Page Seeding (with your content): $40/hour (typically 1 hour per page)
As an estimate, a 10 page site would typically cost about (200 + 400 + 400) or $1000. This price is about 10-20 times less than a traditional web design firm. Plus you get the advantages of the site framework, all of its features, and the ability add pages, manage content, change content, and control your site without further dependence on us! Most web design firms DO NOT provide a content mangement system or framework with their sites and require you to pay for every future change to your site! 
Note: We offer free training on your new Advanced Level Site.  You may require assistance in the future with the enabling or disabling of framework features. We offer free support for the first 4 hours on your new site. After that we will charge $40/hour. This includes having us add new pages and fixing user created issues. We also offer custom logo design at the same rate.

You will need a domain name attached to this site. We can optionally acquire and manage it for you for an additional $5 per month (see hosting for details).