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Entry Level Site

Epilog Systems site hosting packs a lot of features into its Entry Level Site for a fraction of the cost of traditional hosting services. We offer a basic site framework that include the most common web site functional requirements. To eliminate the need of coding updates to HTML pages, we provide a content management system that allows for content updates. This functionality is provided in our online design tool that requires no software to be downloaded to the client computer. We also offer a graphics gallery of general purpose images and backgrounds to enhance your site, and we support the uploading of client images and photographs. Finally, for the site designer, we provide for the uploading of custom sites & graphics. Here is a detailed view of these features:

Site Framework: Entry Level Site provides for site heading, navigation, footer, and a content elements. All of these elements are fully customizable for colors, text sizes, and general layout. You may choose to have the navigation buttons across the top or on the left of the page. The framework supports Announcements, Calendar of Events, Photo Gallery, Links, and Information pages. You may customize the navigation names of these pages to suit your individual needs, and you may disable any of these pages should you not require them. Entry Level Site framework have been tested with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, & Netscape browsers and AOL to insure your site can be seen correctly by the majority of the Internet surfing public.

Managed Content: Besides the actual layout and color of the site, the information that is displayed in the content area for Announcements, Calendar of Events, Photo Gallery, Links, and Information pages will need to be updated for the viewers of the site. We provide a content management system that allows multiple items in each of these areas to be entered for display on the site. In addition, we provide for client expansion beyond this basic funtionality by implementing user defined pages. All this information is saved in a database for later retrieval and display. This reduces your site storage requirements to very little, since our servers generate your HTML pages from the database when requested by a client browser. However, we do provide additional storage for your customizing needs (see below).

The Site Designer: In order to customize the site and enter & alter the site content, the Entry Level Site provides an online design tool. The designer has integrated help and a visual frame to display the layout changes that you make dynamically. To change colors, you are provided with a palette of web safe colors to select from. For images, you may select from the gallery of images or upload your own. Images selection is provided by an image file manager. All content is managed using the designer.

Graphics Gallery: Our graphics gallery contains a catalog of images and backgrounds that can be used to enhance your site. We provide image file managers for background and image selection.

Client Uploaded Images: You may upload your own images to be used for backgrounds or in your own pages. You may also upload photographs for the your photo gallery. Only .JPG or .GIF files will be accepted. There are storage limitations for these files. The maximum amount of space for uploaded images is 400K, and for photos the maximum amount of space is 800K. We do resize photographs to reduce the amount of storage and to insure that they will fit within the pages.

Client Uploaded Sites: We also provide for you to upload you own site pages. You must use our file manager to upload your files and we do not support FTP. We will manage your site within a frame to allow you access to the designer's file manager. If you select to upload your own site, all content management functions are disabled and you will be required to update your own site pages. The maximum amount of space for uploaded sites is 1000K. This storage space is in addition to the image and photo storage for a total of 2 Meg.

The Cost: You get all of the above features for a minimal cost of $10 per month. We are dedicated to keeping the cost to a minimum. We use PayPal for online payment only. Note that PayPal payments will activate your site immediately. If you want a domain name attached to this site we will acquire and manage it for you for an additional $5 per month.