Shadow Shirts          Reverse Tie Dye          Glue Batik
These produce a dark design on a lightened background
Dark Color T-Shirt (50/50 or 100% Cotton)
Contact Paper, tape, nature items or sticker shapes
Spray Bottles

Prewash your shirts. Wear old clothes. Choose a design. Trace it onto the contact paper and cut out. You can print out designs on a computer and trace unto contact paper. This is the part of your design that will remain the color of the shirt (dark). You may want to use stickers or use tape to write words or "troop #". Use flowers, geometric shapes, GS logo or nature shapes. Peel off the paper backing on the contact paper shapes and press onto your shirt in the position you want them. You can also lay leaves or flowers on the shirt. Put  layers of newspaper inside the shirt to absorb the bleach and prevent bleed through. Put newspapers under the shirt and around it to prevent overspray. Use full strength bleach in a spray bottle mister. Mist around just the cutouts or the entire front of the shirt. Remove the contact paper, watch your fingerprints, they will leave a mark. Let sit for 3-4 minutes. Be careful with 100% cotton the bleach can eat through the fabric. Color of shirt, amount of bleach and time allowed to sit will all affect how your shirt turns out. Then take the shirts to the sink and run cold water over them to rinse out the bleach. Hang to dry.


These produce light designs on a dark colored shirt
Dark Color T-Shirt (50/50 or 100% Cotton)
Brushes and Rubber Stamps
Designs in contact paper, leaves, stickers etc.
Cascade liquid dishwasher gel - With Bleach and/or bleach pens

Prewash your shirts. Wear old clothes. Place layers of newspaper inside the shirt to prevent bleed through. Place leaves, stickers, cutouts on the shirt to paint around. Or, use rubber stamps or leaves to stamp designs unto the shirts. Use full strength Cascade gel to brush around designs or brush onto stamps or leaves and press unto the shirt.  Reapply each time and watch out for excess dripping gel. Be careful with 100% cotton shirts so the design does not eat through the shirt, use cascade sparingly. Color of shirt, amount of Cascade and time allowed to sit will all affect how your shirt turns out. Remove stamps, nature items and stickers and let sit in the sun or overnight. When dry run the shirts under cold water to rinse. Cascade removes some or all of the color from the shirt where it has been applied. Hang to dry.

White T-shirt
White glue (good old elmers)
Cold water dye or spray fabric paint
Spray bottle

This is a project for nice weather, as you will want to do the painting outdoors. Place a sheet of cardboard or several pieces of newspaper inside the T- shirt. Using glue, paint designs on one side of the shirt. Everywhere there is glue, dye will not stick to the shirt. The thicker the glue, the closer to pure white the shirt will remain. Once the glue is dry, turn the shirt over and repeat the process.

Mix the dye according to package directions, and carefully pour into the spray bottle. Hang the shirt outside, and spray with paint. (To avoid getting paint on your hands, use rubber gloves.) The shirt doesn't have to be evenly covered; the dye will run, and uneven dying will add to the batik design.

Let the dye dry overnight, then rinse the shirt in cold water to remove glue. Some dye will also come out at this time. To set the remaining dye, wash in hot water. Let the shirt air dry.

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